Thursday, November 18, 2010

Momma Made Baby Food

Some of you may know already that Miss Megan only ate homemade baby food. Well Mr. James isn't much different, but he eats so much more than his sister did that I have been having a hard time keeping him full. I created a new recipe that he happens to love and is packed full of protein and all other good stuff. In less than a hour today I made 18 portions of the new mix "Green Stuff" as well as 10 portions of Applesauce, 10 Blueberry Applesauce, and 10 Spinachsauce (that is spinach sweetened with apple). 
James is going to help cook.
So here is ya go...try it on your little one. Recommended for 6 months and older. 

You will need:
1 package Frozen Chopped Spinach
1 package of Frozen Brown Rice or approx. 2 cups cooked Brown Rice
4 Chicken Tenderloins
1 package Frozen Peas

Puree Spinach and set aside
Cook rice as directed and puree
Boil chicken in organic low sodium chicken broth. Reserve broth. Puree Chicken and set aside
Return broth to pot and return to boil, add frozen peas and cook until warm. Puree peas.

I make a assembly line and use a small scoop (1 oz.) to measure out the mixture in ziptop bags. One scoop each of spinach, rice, and chicken. 2 scoops of peas. You may have extra of some of the items. I combine them together as is or cook more of the missing ingredient to finish off the mix. Freeze and pull out a portion when needed. 

Finished Green Stuff
Hope your little one enjoys this as much as mine does.


  1. Thank you for this- I want to make James' food too. When/how did you start with food other than purees?? James has gagged/spit up when I've given him soaked cheerios. He's 8 1/2 months now. Any suggestions for a new mom?

  2. Hi! I just dropped you a email but figured I should say something here for other readers...if there are any Ha ha.

    I transitioned James from purees to more paste like purees then have just recently moved him on to coarse puree similar to the texture of sand. Just in the last week or so he has gotten small pieces of soft cheese and pancake and done really well. Just take it one bite at a time and see how he does.

  3. Plus there are those baby snacks he chomps on all the time that are somewhat like Cheerios but dissolve faster. Teaches them to chew, but also less of a choking hazard should they not get it exactly right.


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