Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Long time no blog

I'm here I swear! I am just recouping from a long week last week. Hopefully Friday I will be back on schedule and will be able to finally post about my kitchen face lift!!!! So exciting. 

I am working on making this a better blog, with more interesting posts, tutorials, and inspiration galore. I need to educate myself on making buttons, tabs (how do you do that???), and getting more followers.  I am going to get on the link party band wagon and try to get this blog off the ground! I have found so many wonderful blogs that inspire me lately and I will share their information as I use or apply their wisdom and suggestions! 

Stay tuned! 
Ps...working on the photography blog as well...oh time...need more time! 

Blog Rule #1...always have a you go....cuteness!

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