Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Well the feet are aching, and the kids are down from the sugar high...Halloween must be over! 

Here are some photos of the evening! 

The Dragon out for a wagon ride and Trick or Treating.

Momma and her Dragon

Adorable...that is all I have to say

The group!
Megan was a huge hit as Princess Fiona, she is too adorable.

I have to say I love the kiddos in my life. They all had a lot of fun, Megan was so cute and excited about being all green and having James as her dragon. It was great to trick or treat in a neighborhood where I recognize kids and Moms from school! I love small towns! 

Good night everyone!

Pumpkin Patch

Our first trip to the pumpkin patch as a family of four!

This is a bit late but I have a good excuse...well not really that doesn't take long to post some super cute kid here we go. 
First the back story...we have been attemping to hit the good ole pumpkin patch for a few weeks but between the husbands schedule, the baby nap times (we like to have those) and the rain something has stomped on our plans until this past we went...after the dentist...and visiting Great Grandma (why didn't I take pictures...errr)...then off we went! 

This one is cool!

James are you sure you want THAT one?

4 Pumpkins + 1 baby boy...lets check out!

The happy pumpkin owning family

Ahhh Dad!

The sun is almost in my eyes Mom

I love sister in action on the jump thingy while James goes into orbit.
Not a complete trip without the Pumpkin Sling Shot!

Ok I HAVE to sleep now!

Pretty Blog

I would benefit from a button that beautifies your blog. I have played around for a while for the look I want and have not reached it. Looking at it this sleepless night I find it super blah other than the adorable little ones in the header photo. I search around for inspiration and find a ton, so maybe that is the problem. Is there such a thing as over inspired? How about sidetrackedness...yes that is a word! So hopefully sometime soon, at a more approriate time of day we will have a prettier more inspired blog look. 

For now Happy Halloween and on to getting ready for this evenings party! 

Note to self...don't plan a Halloween party when you are in the middle of a kitchen face lift! You are crazy!  

For now I will leave you with more adorable kiddos...enjoy!

All sugar and spice...more spice I think!

She loves him...he finds her hilarious!

But Mom! I want to eat this leaf!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Living/Dinning Room After Stage 1

The dinning room before...with Grandmas stuff...nice but not me. 

 Dinning Room after! 
New paint on the walls as of this weekend. Yeah I know its beige but its beige with potential...think new drapes and amazing accessories...that is stage 2! I am thrilled for the progress so far. Now if only I could get a new chandelier! 

Projects done to date, Chandelier chain cover, refinished Chandelier, Paint. 

Living Room Before:

Grandmas stuff plus one husband and baby! My goodness he was little.

Living Room after stage 1:

Paint and that is is so far. 

To be added soon...Drapes and accessories 

Oh and the TV doesn't go there, I'm waiting for the super tall husband to hang the window coverings and then we will move it back into the corner. 
Unless the flat screen tv fairy arrives with one to mount on the wall! hint hint!

 Pretty! I am glad things are moving along and starting to look more like our home. Now onto finishing the tons of projects. Halloween party...6 days and counting, Mom's 50th Birthday party 12 days and counting. Things that need to be done before both many to count!

Momma needs a Mom Cave

I am participating in a HomeGoods 'Mom Cave' contest over at, one of my very favorite blogs to stop at for inspiration and a great read. So here it goes.

Please excuse the mess in the pictures, we are mid project to refinish our kitchen cabinets. See proof below.

Kitchen redo state 1=Messy

I would redo the room next to this with a $250 HomeGoods gift has a confused identy and I think it would make a great reading area and craft/project area. Again please excuse the mess that is all my kitchen drawer stuff on top of tables!

What am I? A dinning room? A sitting room?

There is a fireplace and mantle behind that mess!

So pick me pretty please! This room has such great potential, just needs a boost!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Somewhat annoyed...late night ramblings

Well its been 9 months since James our little IVF miracle arrived. Yesterday I got a call from the clinic that we did the IVF with. While the gentleman I spoke with was very nice I find myself wanting to call them and tell them that while I am thankful for everything they did to help me have James in our lives, I think they are jerks...or something more colorful.

When we got pregnant my blood test results were lower than average, way lower. So the news that I was pregnant was delivered with a warning that this was a impending miscarriage and not to get my hopes up. My visions of big sister t-shirts for Megan to announce the news disappeared. Mike and I couldn't tell people we were expecting with out adding a "but" to caution them on not being too excited.

To make a long story short, said averages didn't do what they were supposed to (double every 24 hours), for the first two weeks. Ultrasound could not find a baby and the clinic washed their hands of me and were basically waiting for the miscarriage to take place. At one point when I called to get my Progesterone prescription refilled the girl said "Aren't you supposed to just miscarry?" I still hate her by the way. Well at 8 weeks they found a heartbeat...oh awesome we can relax...well not so was measuring too small for the stage of pregnancy we were. Blah Blah Blah. Bleeding at 10 weeks was the assumed miscarriage. The confirming blood test relieved almost normal test results...OMG you mean I am still pregnant!?! We must have lost one of the two babies we transferred is what they assumed and that allowed for the remaining baby to begin to do better. We went for 20 weeks with bleeding, and being told nothing could be done until after the 20 week mark when the baby will be viable at that time we were finally treated like a normal pregnancy that would result in a actual baby! Our regular Dr. did that, never the clinic. The clinic did not have much to do with us after the 12 week mark, but we were happy about that turn of events.

The last 20 weeks of my pregnancy were pretty normal other than a fun emergency trip to the hospital at 30 weeks for kidney stones. James arrived 4 days before his due date, healthy and happy, 7 pounds 2 ounces 20 inches long.

I have been chewing on my annoyance with this clinic since the first phone call with my kind of positive test results but didn't say much because the fact remained that I was pregnant and it was because of those professionals. Why should I expect more than that right? I guess I am super annoyed today because they are 9 months late with the baby info phone call. We were told that we would get a call the two weeks after our due date to get the information and stats on our delivery since I was part of a study group. We never got the call. I assume one of the overly optimistic staff at the clinic wrote MISCARRIAGE in red on our file and tossed it in a pile. Maybe they decided that 9 months after my due date was a good time to call and get the details of my failed pregnancy. The guy sounded shocked when I told him we had a healthy little boy who arrived on time. He ended the phone call with a "I'll mark this information on your file, have a good day Mrs. Kaiser" and that was it. I do have to say he was the nicest person I have spoke with to date from that office.  

Now the icing on the cake is that we are getting bills from them requesting more money...yeah awesome. From what I can tell someone made a error when doing our billing and applied insurance payment to something insurance didn't pay. On our original paperwork it showed up as a "insurance discount". They didn't do anything about it until earlier this year, and now of course want payment. Red "Pay immediately" stickers are on all paperwork, its fuel for the fire for me since I am already annoyed. Never mind that back when we had the money to pay for all of this I asked billing what we owe so we could get it out of the way and I paid the amount requested. We discussed that I had a high deductible insurance that didn't cover fertility treatments and I assumed we would have to pay for everything. We were told we couldn't even start IVF until it was paid for in full. Now apparently we still owe around $2,000.00. Sorry for being less than inclined to write a check, not to mention our "Baby Making Money" is long gone!

I know I am ranting, and hopefully writing it out will get it out of my mind. Yes I didn't have the pregnancy and experience I visualized when we started this journey. But I did end with the result I visualized. An adorable little boy that loves me and I get to watch grow into a little man. I am so grateful he stuck and showed the averages where to stick it!  The other disappointments will just have to go away when they go away.

Would I go to that clinic again? Doubt it.

I sometimes wish we could go another round and try for baby #3, but we just can't do that financially again. It breaks my heart that 5 more babies (they call them embryos, but they are babies to me) are in that clinic waiting. Hopefully Mike and I will figure out what the best route will be for approaching that sensitive issue in the near future.

For now I am going to continue raising my kids and loving my family. Thanks fertility people for getting me pregnant, I'll get over your lack of compassion and bedside manner eventually.

I love that little boy!

Friday, October 22, 2010

9 Months!

James is 9 Months old! 

As you can see from the picture he is a busy boy. He enjoys taking all of his toys and dragging them all over the living room, then watching Daddy, Sister or Momma clean them up. Currently we are working on not biting, its not going well but hopefully we can get a handle on it before I get scared up! James finds his sister hilarious and is a super happy boy when she talks and plays with him.

We had a check up today and found that he has somewhat stalled on the growth. He is 2'5"  (76%)tall so he has grown a inch since his 6 month appointment and weighs 18 lbs. 13.2oz (23%) that is a 13oz gain in 3 months. So Dr.'s advice is to increase the already constant feeding to include meats, beans and good fats. We will take him back for his 1 year check and hope he gets some fat on! At that time if he is still dropping in the percentage we will run a blood test to check for anemia. I am sure he will be just fine seeing as his Dad is tall and thin and James seems to take after him. But just the same Mom's like fat babies...I want a fat baby! Ha Ha Ha

Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Burlap! Chandelier Chain Cover

 So our new house came with tons of wonderful brass fixtures...some of you know this already. As I said before the white Chandelier is a temp fix...I do not love it...but I hate the brass chain even more. Looking online and in stores I was looking at spending 60 or more of my husbands hard earned off to the fabric store I went! 

You will need....
1 yd of burlap
2 yd sticky Velcro

Ugly before
Cut a 6" strip of burlap or fabric of your choice roughly 1 and 1/2 as long as the chain you want to cover.  Do the same with Velcro.

Measure twice cut once
Apply sticky Velcro to each side.

Turn in on itself to create a hidden seam. 

Yeah for no sewing
Get a super tall latter and wrap around chain being careful to not fall off or yank the lighting out of the ceiling (no I did not do this but I had the visual in my mind as I am working on the way too high ladder).

Viola! So much if I could just get a new lighting fixture.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Rylee Jean Newborn Photos...

 Rylee Jean, by fifth niece if you can belive it! She is adorable and likes to have her picture taken apparently. So here are her newborn photos taken at 6 days old. I am happy with them and hope to tweak them a bit more with photo software. Still working on teaching myslef that stuff though so it will be slow going. Anyone know of a for dummies site that I can learn on?

Well hope you like them!

Monday, October 4, 2010

First Official Maternity Shoot

Yeah Yeah...its my sister Rocky so it maybe doesn't count...but it was still fun and I think we got some great pictures. I figured I should post the pictures before little Rylee arrives tomorrow!!!!

Enjoy...any opinions or suggestions are always welcome! Be nice though! he he

Sorry I couldn't pick just one...mind you this is out of 75 pictures Rocky and I love.