Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love Burlap! Chandelier Chain Cover

 So our new house came with tons of wonderful brass fixtures...some of you know this already. As I said before the white Chandelier is a temp fix...I do not love it...but I hate the brass chain even more. Looking online and in stores I was looking at spending 60 or more of my husbands hard earned off to the fabric store I went! 

You will need....
1 yd of burlap
2 yd sticky Velcro

Ugly before
Cut a 6" strip of burlap or fabric of your choice roughly 1 and 1/2 as long as the chain you want to cover.  Do the same with Velcro.

Measure twice cut once
Apply sticky Velcro to each side.

Turn in on itself to create a hidden seam. 

Yeah for no sewing
Get a super tall latter and wrap around chain being careful to not fall off or yank the lighting out of the ceiling (no I did not do this but I had the visual in my mind as I am working on the way too high ladder).

Viola! So much if I could just get a new lighting fixture.


  1. Great idea and execution! I am bookmarking this in my Things I Want to Make file.

  2. I definitely like the burlap cover! If white fails to rev your engine, would you try a bold color? Or thinking of trying a black/brown/off-white?

  3. Thanks Ladies...I am glad you like the chain really has finished off the look of the more brass is always a plus.


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