Monday, October 25, 2010

Living/Dinning Room After Stage 1

The dinning room before...with Grandmas stuff...nice but not me. 

 Dinning Room after! 
New paint on the walls as of this weekend. Yeah I know its beige but its beige with potential...think new drapes and amazing accessories...that is stage 2! I am thrilled for the progress so far. Now if only I could get a new chandelier! 

Projects done to date, Chandelier chain cover, refinished Chandelier, Paint. 

Living Room Before:

Grandmas stuff plus one husband and baby! My goodness he was little.

Living Room after stage 1:

Paint and that is is so far. 

To be added soon...Drapes and accessories 

Oh and the TV doesn't go there, I'm waiting for the super tall husband to hang the window coverings and then we will move it back into the corner. 
Unless the flat screen tv fairy arrives with one to mount on the wall! hint hint!

 Pretty! I am glad things are moving along and starting to look more like our home. Now onto finishing the tons of projects. Halloween party...6 days and counting, Mom's 50th Birthday party 12 days and counting. Things that need to be done before both many to count!

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