Monday, October 4, 2010

First Official Maternity Shoot

Yeah Yeah...its my sister Rocky so it maybe doesn't count...but it was still fun and I think we got some great pictures. I figured I should post the pictures before little Rylee arrives tomorrow!!!!

Enjoy...any opinions or suggestions are always welcome! Be nice though! he he

Sorry I couldn't pick just one...mind you this is out of 75 pictures Rocky and I love.


  1. They're all beautiful! Good job, ladies! Um, and Brandon too! Love the one where the hands make a heart on her baby bump. Precious.

  2. I agree!! Hand over belly in the heart shape is super cool.

  3. Thanks ladies...they are not so yellow on my computer...for some reason blogger makes them look different...I am sure I am doing something wrong...but I am still happy with is Rocky so that is all that matters.


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