Thursday, September 30, 2010

Once again I am behind

I really do need to get better about this. I think about posting all the time but then someone cries or something needs to get picked up and here we are again. So to sum things up here it goes...I am sure I will forget a ton. 

James...He is now 8 months old...boy does time fly! He is pulling himself up on everything, has 4 teeth including his very own fangs...adorable just like his sister. He has recently learned that screaming is a great way to get attention. Eating is one of his favorite things along with drooling and pulling hair. He loves his sister and squeals with excitement when he sees her walking out of her classroom at the end of school. Sleeping is not so great but he is getting there I think. Here are some sweet pics of his 8 month birthday. He is usually all smiles in the morning and I think his goofy grin is just the best. I love him so much.

I have been working on house projects. Not the ones that are hard and should be done soon because they are borning and difficult to accomplish with a baby underfoot. But I have been doing some revamping of old ugly things around here or things I have found so that is fun. Below you will find a before shot of some old beat up brass candle sticks I got at Goodwill for 3 entire dollars! Yeah I know a total steal! 

 A can of white spray paint and a few dollar store crows and I've got a cool graveyard mantle for Halloween. Those of you know know me well know that I don't do "Halloween" decorations, I like fall or harvest decorations. So this is a stretch but my husband and daughter think its there you go. 

So here is the next project...super ugly super old brass Chandy over the dinning room table. I of course forgot to take the before picture until I had almost got the thing taken apart...sorry. Yuck right! 

And here is the finished product! Its not quite done...ugly glass shades will be replaced eventually. But the white makes it look so pretty and updated. Well I think so.The last few days I have been thinking it would maybe be better in black or oil rubbed that may be a stage two update...stay tuned. A huge improvement for now I think.

Well that is all for now...and little man just woke I will finish the update in a later post. I swear!


  1. Oh my word. Look at him! He's so adorable! And cute halloween decos!

  2. Hi Mandy. Thanks he is so much fun right now! I love it. Bennett is getting so big as well, I can't believe how fast they are growing.


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