Sunday, October 31, 2010

Pretty Blog

I would benefit from a button that beautifies your blog. I have played around for a while for the look I want and have not reached it. Looking at it this sleepless night I find it super blah other than the adorable little ones in the header photo. I search around for inspiration and find a ton, so maybe that is the problem. Is there such a thing as over inspired? How about sidetrackedness...yes that is a word! So hopefully sometime soon, at a more approriate time of day we will have a prettier more inspired blog look. 

For now Happy Halloween and on to getting ready for this evenings party! 

Note to self...don't plan a Halloween party when you are in the middle of a kitchen face lift! You are crazy!  

For now I will leave you with more adorable kiddos...enjoy!

All sugar and spice...more spice I think!

She loves him...he finds her hilarious!

But Mom! I want to eat this leaf!

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  1. I know what you mean! I changed my blog around like every week cause I just wasn't happy. I'm still not... I want to change mine again. Ha ha. Don't worry, you will come up with something great!
    Love those cute kiddos!


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