Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Living Room Drapes Teaser

Some of you may be aware of my drapery project for the living room and dinning room...well today I got all the hardware up and 2 of 3 windows done!!! Woop Woop! 
Here is a little teaser of the project...tutorial to come later. 

So there you have it! I am very pleased...but also am noticing the complete lack of color now in this room. We are in need of a pretty rug and some art work for sure. I've had my eye on some pretty paintings that are uber expensive that I may just duplicate myself! 

Opinions? Comments? Suggestions?


  1. Those look awesome! Now you just need some big family pics behind your couch and your living room will be complete! :-)

  2. Why didn't I think of that? We have a picture wall going down the hall but this would be perfect with a big picture of us! Thanks!

  3. The drapes really highlight the height of the room. I know those big walls behind a couch can be daunting! Sometimes I like a large piece of artwork and then maybe two smaller pieces or mirrors on each side, one on top of the other.


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