Thursday, July 1, 2010

I'm a slacker!

I cant say its been crazy here...but its be almost crazy!

I've been trying to get James on a schedule and am almost getting there...the key is to stay home so he can be down for a nap when its time and so on...but that is hard to do with other stuff to do and a 6 year old that gets bored being home. He is sleeping a lot better at night though, oh and he is in his room with his sister now. I find myself checking on him several times a night but all is well I just have to adjust. He seems to thrive on routine and doesn't do great when things switch up, that will make it difficult to do our 9 am workouts so I need to decide what is best for all of us.

I didn't work out all of June for one reason or another, first it was the last weeks of school and I was busy helping the teacher. James not sleeping at night (hints the schedule) so that didn't help motivate me. Then Megan and I wanted a break from getting up early the week after school was out. Then we weren't feeling well and so on and so on. I am starting a diet today as well as starting back to working out tomorrow. My goal is to make it though the month and see if I have lost any weight and if I am feeling well. If so I will continue down the same road...if not I will be in search for a more user friendly diet. I have a goal of loosing 50 pounds by this time next year...a pound a week...that isn't too bad right? I would be thrilled if that really will be hard work though, I am a food junkie and being home all the time I snack constantly. I will be following a diet found in a postpartum magazine for breast feeding mothers so we will see how it goes. Wish me luck!

Megan got bitten by a spider or something on Sunday...she had huge swollen bumps from them that continued to get worse each day, we went to the doctor who said to keep her out of the public pool until the sores closed up and was not able to finish her last week of swim lessons...huge bummer but she swims pretty great so oh well I guess. We will work on her strokes in our pool and just continue that stuff this summer. She has been pretty good since summer started, the relaxed schedule I guess helps her to be less mouthy/cranky.

I am thinking of making a more serious hobby of my photography. My sister is expecting her third girl in October and has asked me to take some maternity photos of her as well as some family and kid shots. I think I will start to build a portfolio and see if I have a eye for this kind of thing. I think it would be a great hobby turned into a part time job if all things work out. I'll post my stuff as things get moving. I have a lot to learn so it will be a work in progress.

So that is all for now...I know I missed a ton of stuff but I will be better...well I intend to!


  1. I hear you about the schedule with the babes. Bennett has a hard time when I throw in a wrench in his nap times. He gets grumpy and irritable. It's hard for me to stay at home all the time though cause I love getting out with him. Luckily he enjoys his car seat/stroller.
    And good luck with the photography thing! I remember starting out, before I had my business! It was overwhelming how much there was to learn but once you get the hang of it - it's awesome!

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