Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Long Overdue Update!

I know this pic needs to be flipped but I am a newbie blogger and cant get the darn thing to do what I want it too! Err!

I think James' smiles are just adorable...I love his dimples and he seems to smile with his entire body...I can not get enough of him love him love him!

He did get his 4 month check up yesterday and the constant nursing and up every 1 1/2 hours at night have been explained! See below!

Height...26" (84% and 4 inches in 8 weeks)

Weight...16 lbs 1 oz (77% 4 lbs in 8 weeks)

The doctor is very happy with how he is doing and said he was so pleased to have such a happy baby first thing in the morning. James did good with his 3 shots and stopped crying as soon as I got to cuddle him. I did cry however and hate that he has to be hurt and not understand why.

He is most definitely teething...oh what fun!

Can you say Go GIANTS??? We did! Mike and I took James to his first game May 14th, Giants vs. Padres...sadly the Giants didn't do well...well they lost 1 zip...but we had fun! I enjoyed a $6.00 lemonade and Mike and I had a great day together. I love my husband, I love my son...we missed Megan...she was suffering away learning her ABC's at school...she gets to go on her last day of school though! Hope the Giants win that one!

James got some new shades...he surprisingly doesn't min them being on and he looks darn cute in them! He has started this very loud almost scream squeal that is just too cute...but when you don't know its coming can scare the crap out of you!

Mothers day 2010! Coconut Grove Santa Cruz, CA. Mom, Rocky and I did this Mother's Day brunch for years when we were way little...I'll have to dig up a picture, it was really great to be able to do it with our kids this year. We had a wonderful day and even took a walk down the boardwalk.

Well that is all for now...9:04pm...ready for cuddle time and sleep...I love sleep.

Next post to include Megan's official soccer pictures and her final days of Kindergarten update! I don't believe a entire school year is already over! She is growing too fast! Ok I keep going on and I will never get to sleep this way! I'll be back soon!

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