Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Easter and Burros!

Well we went to see my parents in Lake Havasu this last week. It was a great trip, the kids did awesome on the 9 1/2 hour trip and Mom and Dad got to relax!

The Grandparents really enjoyed spending time with our cute kiddos...proof below.

Looking at the pictures now I realize we need to help Grandma Cindy with pictures so she is in more of them! Note for next visit.

So after all the baby cuddling we had Easter...It was fun...Baby James got lots of chew toys he doesn't quite care about yet and Megan got tons of stuff she cares a lot about...it was fun to watch her casually hunt for eggs...no competition this year...but next year its on!

Once all the Easter fun was over we took a quick drive to Oatman, AZ...yeah sound exciting doesn't it?!?! It was actually pretty neat...old gold rush town that now hosts gun fights on Main Street and wild Burros roaming the crowds looking for carrots. I have to say that the baby Burros are adorable fuzzy little things. Megan had a great time while we all froze our tushies off (in Arizona...doesn't make since). So anyway...her are a few choice shots of that fun!

Well that is it for now...I think I am updated! On to easier more frequent posts in the future...well that is my intention anyway.

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  1. Ok I'm confused...how do I make the pictures not just line up...they looked good when I was writing this and then I post and they get all messed up! Errr! Suggestions?


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