Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Monday again...

I have come to dislike Monday's, I don't have to head off to work but my husband does and I would much rather have him home with me and the kiddos.

We had a nice weekend of not much going on but I have a feeling those weekends will soon disappear if we end up buying Grandmas house. That is the source of lots of nerves this week...and dreaming...I keep picturing how I would paint/decorate the inside, colors to paint the outside and designs for the back yard. Images of the kids running in the sprinklers in the summer time, trick-or-treaters in the fall and Christmas lights on the house in the winter have me getting way too excited for something that is not a sure thing...but would I be a normal woman if I didn't get excited about those prospects?

Here are a few of my ideas....

Paint the house like this
This laundry room is cute AND functional!

I love how clean and open this bathroom feels...that would work for me for sure!

Ok so that is only some of the ideas/dreams I have for the house I am not sure we will be able to get...but it doesn't hurt to dream!

On to other things...

So what is on the agenda today...Megan has her first day of Kidz camp and I hope she has fun. They will be doing crafts, learning to cook and playing with other kids in her age group...not to mention she will be there from 9 to noon all week so she wont get so sick of Momma and her brother! Next on the list...laundry and clean bathrooms, I know oh what fun but a clean house puts me in a good mood. Oh then I have to make the menu for the week, I find that if I skip this stage we end up eating really bad all week long...not too bad...hopefully I actually do it!

Well until later I guess that is all! I am off to do chores!

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