Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleep training!

Well we are on day one of sleep training James. We started last night at 7:15, put him down awake after our newly reestablished bedtime routine. He cried (not crazy crying more like fussing) for about 40 min with us going in to check on him every 10 min or so. He passed out, woke up at 10ish fussed for maybe 2 min and went back to sleep. Since we are nighttime weaning as well I woke him up at 10: 15 and 2:15 for nursing and back to sleep he went until 6:15! We have a schedule for nighttime weaning and soon hopefully he will be sleeping without nursing or getting up! I am happy this is finally working after to failed attempts at sleep training. We are reading The Sleep Easy Solution, you can find more information at

Well that is all for now...updates later on how this goes! I'll leave you with a adorable picture from one of James' previous naps!

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