Monday, January 10, 2011

Clippers + Baby Boy = Big Boy

Some of you may know that I have been dreading cutting James' hair. I knew as soon as we did the baby look would be gone. But I couldn't hold out any longer, so this past Friday we did a little barber shop work on the little Mr. 

Here are some before pictures of Mr. Shaggy James in all of his adorableness.

Please excuse the less than stellar was night time.
Cheese! Don't you love those cheeks!

Looks like a comb over right!?!

So Daddy stood by to manage baby and I put a 1" clip on our clippers and went to town. James sat really well and it was over in just a few minutes. I did clean up his ears and neck line with my scissors really quickly but he looks great...he looks like a little man and now has the most adorable bed head around.

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to my little boy...James. He likes his new hair and even gave combing it a try. He looks pretty darn cute if you ask me! 

On other subjects...I have been pretty boring lately with the posts, not this one because little boys are awesome but the others. I have been working on less than thrilling things! 

Its project organization this month and I have done almost all of our closets so far. I have to tackle the kitchen and two bedroom closets and we are done with the inside. Our garage is in the most need of organization but unfortunately we will have Grandmas stuff in there until July. That makes it hard to get that area under control. We will wait until then I am sure because no one wants to clean the garage...the bonus is we don't have to freeze our booty's off to clean out the garage!  

I have also replaced a toilet water supply line...yeah thrilling I know! It was cool that I did it...and I knew what to do. So kudos to me on that one!

This weekend the husband and I took down the Christmas lights and moved the tons of bins out to the previously mentioned messy garage.  

We also cleaned out the we I mean the husband did and I supervised, but it was good to get it done. Between the huge abundance of leaves and the huge amount of rain we have had since the beginning of December we had a plugged up gutter...not good. But its good now. Whew!

I would say this would be a good investment before next shouldn't be that hard to do right?

So needless to say there has not been much "fun" to post about. 

I am excited to work on painting our office this weekend...whoop whoop! My darling "I hate painting" husband is going to help me and once it is painted I'll have plenty of cool DIY projects and crafts to share...until then you'll have to hear about cute little boy hair cuts and healthy food. But in the grand scheme of things that isn't so bad! 

Until next time!


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  1. So cute! I can't believe he sat still! And he still looks like a baby to me:)


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