Tuesday, January 25, 2011

1 Year Old James...What a Big Boy!

James got a healthy report at the Dr. today. We had to do some allergy testing to see why little man can't seem to have eggs, cows milk or meat. Hopefully we get some answers and feeding him becomes easier soon. Developmentally James is right on track and his growth has caught up after his little stall at 9 months. 

Tall and skinny is my boy...just like his Daddy. 

2 feet 7.5 inches tall (93%)
21 pounds 13.6 ounces (32%)

On more fun details. He is walking holding on to things, he claps his hands and nods his head. His dancing is completely adorable, he seems to like all music but really dances to anything upbeat. His temper is quite entertaining and worrisome for me, he is only 1...I thought that didn't start until 2!!! We are ignoring fits now and doing our best to not laugh at some of his naughty antics. He has hands down the best reactions when his Daddy gets home. I love that time of day for many reasons (back up arriving is always great) but the main reason is its my daily reminder of what a wonderful family I have. My husband is a amazing Dad and Step Dad, proof being in the kids excitement when he gets home.

Here is a little picture overload the kiddos.

There is no saying these two are not related!

Two handsome boys in blue.

Best little lips ever!

I am so blessed to have two happy and healthy children! 

This coming weekend we will be starting on Megan's room. We have a pretty pale pink for the walls...details and pictures will be up soon!



  1. Love the pictures, Christy! I can't believe he is a year old already! He is such a cutie, too!

  2. Happy Birthday James!!!! He is such a cutie! I love when Dad comes home too, but usually it's at about the same time when my James goes to bed!


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