Monday, March 15, 2010

Manic Monday

Well apparently today was a killer day outside...I missed it. James was up early and I was spent for the rest of the day. Nothing like a 13 hour headache to kill the first nice day in ages. Oh well!

Megan learned that Mom isn't a idiot today. Came home "STARVING" and wanted more than her normal after school snack because she didn't get lunch today, unfortunately she used the same excuse she did on Friday...teacher kept the entire class because Tom (the bad kid) was being bad. Well I said I would call teacher because we pay for her lunch and its important for her to eat her lunch...well Megan then decided to fess up to just wanting more of a snack. She did say it was a dumb thing to lie about after we talked. Brat child.

Well that it for now...once my head gets back to normal I am sure I will have much more interesting things to say!

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