Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attempt 3!

Well this is my third official attempt at blogging, I get started and then get distracted. I am really going to try this time so my friends and family will actually read it! So here we go!

I guess I should just treat this as a journal. I'll get better with time right?!?

Today was a not so busy day, but leaving the house seems to make me feel like it was a busy day. I was up and out by 9:30 am (success with a 6 week old), we went to see Grandma Becky for a little while. She looks much better with out tubes in her nose and arms. Its hard to believe she is really as sick as she is when you see her, she is still so spunky.

After a trip to Grandmas James and I hit up good'ole Target for a few things and then had lunch with Daddy (aka Mike). James fell asleep on the way home and continues to sleep, I should be cleaning or something but this is more fun.

I'm making Shrimp Primavera for dinner tonight should be yummy. I really need to get back into cooking, I used to love trying new recipes but since we started the baby process last year I have had a hard time thinking of anything that sounds good or had the energy to make it. Things are begining to feel back to normal these days.

Ok I should finish this up, one final thought...being a Mother of two has been an adjustment. With Megan being 6 it is a lot of fun seeing her be so excited about her little brother, she is a lot of help and low maintainence compaired to her brother. James is getting a routine down and that helps, some predictability will be great for Mom. I have had a hard time readjusting to a baby and his needs, but he has offered some of his frist smiles this last week and makes the lack of sleep so worth it. I am bummed about the way my body looks, but yet am not doing anything about it...I need to get motivated...I'll find a skiny picture of myself and post it around the house that should do the trick!

Ok well that was long winded...that is what I get for not regularly jotting down my thoughts...I'll get better about this I think...maybe...hopefully!

Oh...Megan and James are the cuties pictured above.

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