Wednesday, March 10, 2010

6 year olds and Cholesterol Lipoprotein (a)

Yep...Megan's blood tests came back...all great except her Lipoprotein...this means we are being referred to a Pediatric Cholesterol Specialist in Oakland. As the Mom this is super scary, I have been worried about her diet for a while and especially so since I don't control her diet when she is with her Dad. Apparently something is not going well. The Dr suggested limiting her fat and sugar intake right away and increasing her vegetables as much as possible...this will be fun for a kid...but has to be done. It is so scary to think that my little one already has these issues...what have I done wrong? I hope we can fix this easily without too much trauma to Megan. I have yet to hear from the PCS (I am abbreviating Pediatric Cholesterol Specialist from now on) but hope to sometime tomorrow.

I'm bummed that this is a reality now.

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