Friday, August 20, 2010


I know I have been gone forever but I have a good reason...Let me introduce you to our new house!!!!!

Yes I know we have a ton of gardening to do since you can hardly see the house here...but I am still so excited to have our very own 3 bedroom 2 bathroom house, with a office, living room, dinning room, family room and big kitchen...oh and a front yard and back yard! It's awesome! We have several things we want to do to the place, but have to take it all one step at a time. Step one, unpack completely, step 2 sell/donate Grandmas things that are filling the 2 car garage (did I mention we are buying this house from Mike's Grandma), step 3, interior paint, step 4 exterior paint refresher and gardening, step 5 back yard...clear out all the over grown or out of control stuff...put in lots of grass and flower beds to include some herbs and veggies (most likely next spring), and the list goes on. Those are the things I would like to have completed in our first year and then go from there. Luckily most of those projects are not super expensive.

So during all the packing and unpacking life continued to move along. James is now sitting up and army crawling. I need baby gates! He is into everything, and is quite proud of himself when he gets something he is not supposed to have. He has also started feeding himself in the last few days, that pincher grasp is a new talent of his and he uses it to pinch arms and faces as well, fun times.

Megan has lost another tooth, gone camping with her Dad and started school all in the last two weeks! We moved her to Ladd Lane Elementary here in Hollister (oh that is where we moved too) and it just happens to be right behind our house! We load James into his stroller and walk to and from school each day. I am getting exercise and Megan and I get to talk the entire way. It has been really nice so far and I am not looking forward to the rainy season for this reason.

In true Megan form she has had no problem making friends I hope to find some in our area for her to play with once all of us Mom's get the guts to say hi to each other. Last year it took me about a month to make friends with Carrie, now she is one of my favorite people, hopefully I have the same luck this year. I am the room parent for her class again this year so that should be a easy way to break the ice...I hope.On to yummy subjects, I made Chocolate Peanut Butter cupcakes yesterday at my husbands request, he said they were awesome, I don't know since I didn't eat one. They look pretty though and the bonus...I scooped out the inside of the cupcake and filled with frosting then put the cake back to cap it...they are Frosting Filled Chocolate Peanut Butter Cupcakes I guess!

Well I am sure I missed a million things, that is what I get for not having a computer with internet!

I will post pictures of the first day of school as soon as I find the thingy that I plug into the camera and computer to get the pictures!

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