Monday, April 18, 2011

Front Yard Changes

Well even though I've been nonexistent in blog land I have been busy. We have been working in both the front and back yards a lot. Its about time we do a little reveal of our progress.

Lets start with the before. Here are a few shots of the overgrown yard from our first walk through. The house stood empty for 2 years and the extent of yard work boiled down to  gardeners cutting the grass and that was about it. I wanted to be able to actually see the house from the street. I would love to eventually take out the huge less attractive pine tree but that isn't in the budget anytime soon. 

August 2010

April 2011

Some of the first things we did were remove the scalloped edging used for the flower beds. We had someone come in and take out the over grown shrubs as well. The flag pole was rusted and falling apart. Out that went...well after a few years of digging and some rope to pull the 4 feet of concrete used to anchor it in the ground.

We trimmed a lot of the pine tree, a bonus for my 6'6" husband who mows the lawn.  No more cracked heads for him.

I ordered a shade garden from and planted in it front of the window that includes Lilly of the Valley, Fern Leaf Bleeding Heart, Widows Tears, Lillys and Lady Fern. Since they are all bare root plants it will be a little ho hum this year but next year it will be a show stopper.

Grandmas original rose bushes have been pruned and moved to the back perimeter of the large flower bed. The bird bath was moved to front of the flower bed. I have three apricot roses that will eventually be a back drop the the bath. The large flower bed also includes Anemone, Ranunculus, Poppy, Violas, Cyclamen, and Dahlias. This weekend I planted a Mock Orange Tree as well as a Poeny. I have to admit that I have become obsessed with Poenys...I have two in pots in the back yard that will be slow to mature for now...but I did get one potted one this year...I love it!

Apricot Rose image from here
Double Mock Orange image from here

image from here

My plan is to have a few zones of planting and the roses on the perimeter with a stone path winding through the flowers. I would love to build a trellis for the garage wall with some Clematis but that will wait until we paint the house.

Oh and last but not least...the mother in law hill is gone! Now we have a slightly hilly front yard perfect for a Slip N'Slide this summer.

So for now this is the yard...a huge improvement in my eyes...what do you think?

I planted Iceberg Rose trees along our property line, it really helps define our yard from the neighbors. This weekend we took out grass here and created a flower bed that ran along our property line. Pictures on that later. I have planted Shasta Daisy between the roses and plan on using only white flowers here for a little show stopping action.

The shutters were going to be repainted the same color as the porch railing but after taking a closer look at them this weekend its been determined that they need to be replaced. Its not a great idea to paint over rotted wood right??? So that will be sometime in the future for sure. 

The chairs on the porch were given to us by Grandma and I have refinished them in red with cute new cushions of red flowers. Those hanging baskets will eventually sport cascading ferns and flowers. I imagine next year this garden will be beyond awesome. For now I am just thrilled to work in it and wait patiently for the pay off.

Oh and I am a expert at drip systems and sprinkler systems now if you have questions! 

Glad to be back! Until next time!


  1. Love your garden! I host a garden party on Thursdays & would be great for you to share this!

  2. Christy~ WOW! I love what you did! And I love love love all your roses...
    It will be beautiful!!!

  3. It much, crisper, cleaner, and more suited to the house. visiting from Tracie's. ♥O

  4. Hard work always pays off. Your home is beautiful... I'm now following you and found you at Tracies, Fishtail Cottage garden party..

  5. I'm visiting from Fishtail Cottage. You've made some nice improvements to your home and gardens.

  6. So happy you linked up to Cottage Flora Thursday's ~ So many people are enjoying taking a peek at your garden changes! i'm excited to see more of the garden as the season continues! xxoo tracie


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